When it comes to the fall of a society... the rich stay rich, and the poor get poorer.

They sit in their lofty towers and sneer down at the rest of us. They polish their shiny armour, and read their books, and have their servants wash their robes. They debate the lofty issues and ignore the dirty ones down here on the streets. They walk past the alleyways, heads held high, and the screams and curses don't even make them pause.

And what do we do? We slip into the shadows left by such shining beacons of elvenkind. We walk in their wake and beneath their notice, and we manage all manner of tasks that they will never even see.

Oath of Silver is a collection of individuals working under the Book Keeper and his go-to man Theolain Nor’danel. We used the mafia as our theme and inspiration to achieve a close-knit family-seque atmosphere and the subtle aspect to their criminal dealings, hiding in plain sight, feeding their dealings through a legitimate front to allow us to stay within the easy reach of civil and public RP. The range of our criminal activities is vast and includes everything from theft and drug dealing to power plays and blackmail, with niches and room for countless concepts and plots within and provisions for both the worst of the worst thugs and the slightly amoral barkeep. 

We try to work within WoW Lore for our setting, and take things with balance and temperance, if magic was be all and end all all-powerful there would be no need for anything and RP would be invalid, similarly the technology aspect to WoW is too great to be ignored even if they do all still seem to use swords. Give and take, temperance and patience is how we deal with most common issues. Our setting tends to lean towards being described as dark, tense, emotion-driven, character-driven and dramatic. Our plots tend to be slow-burning and long-term and rely heavily on member and character input.


The Tavern thrived. It was chaos and noise and bustle and everything a tavern should be, everything that you would expect of a coin-turning business in the heart of a thriving city. It lived up to the ideals of prosperity and indulgance that were held in esteem by the elven culture. A paragon. 

It was exactly what it should be, flaws and virtues alike, and nothing discourages scrutiny like that which is exactly what it's expected to be. And with that cover Theolain Nor'danel and his merry band of misfits made their home, explained away their gains, settled their aliases and alibis, and perhaps above all else, found a home and a family of their own.

And with the veil of normality and the met expectations of a bustling business, few noticed the glances shot across rooms, the notes passed across the bar-top, the occassional stanger ushered up stairs for reasons unknown. 

The Merchant's Last Coin is a tavern used by Theolain Nor'danel and his men as a legal and legitimate front for their business, they use it as a base of operations and a means of laundering their coin. It is also home. To support the theme and idea and to help give back to the community we used to run weekly Tavern Hours events from the inn itself. These days we do still man the bar but the it is spontaneous and unplanned. However you are welcome to call in and check or whisper one of us and ask. You can read more about that and our other events and plots here.


Travel Guide For Applicants


Contact me in-game on: Theolain (Nordanel, Theolaín, Alyxandria)